Spring is right around the corner. In fact, it’s just 5 weeks away! Have you started planning for all the exciting changes in weather, longer days and warmer temperatures? So much to do – spring cleaning, both indoors and outdoors. We have certainly had a cold winter – and the warmer temps are going to be welcomed with open arms.

What are some of the things you typically do in the spring at your home? I usually give the house a really good cleaning — with the windows wide open to freshen the air. I clean and purge – ridding my home of unwanted or unneeded items – usually making a few trips to a local charity, like Goodwill Industries or Good Samaritan’s Network. I also typically try to clean all the throw rugs and carpets; scrub bathrooms and floors, and even wash windows (yuck).

Of course, getting the exterior of the home and our landscaping looking good is a big priority, too, since we plan to spend so much more time outside in the warmer temperatures after hibernating for the winter! Plus, with more visitors during the warmer months, we want our home to look it’s best – and most welcoming. This is what we’ll be tackling first…

Outdoor Spring To-Do List

  1. Initial Clean-Up of Lawn & Landscaping (mid-March)
    1. Rake up the leaves that remained in the lawn or mulch beds over the winter
    2. Pick up sticks and twigs in the lawn
    3. Cleaning up pet waste that’s been buried in the snow or frozen to the ground during the winter months (ewww, right?)
    4. Uncover and set up our outdoor furniture and living space and get our pergola or gazebo ready for entertaining 🙂
    5. Clean Gutters to prepare for spring rain
  2. Bed Clean-up & Fresh Mulch Installation (starting in mid-late March)
    1. Clean out mulch beds
    2. Pull out any weeds that spring up
    3. Deadhead flowers/perennials
    4. Trim and shape shrubs and small trees
    5. Rake waste and trimmings from beds
    6. Re-define the edging of the mulch beds
    7. Treat beds with pre-emergent
    8. Spread fresh mulch in beds
  3. Begin Fertilization and Weed Control for your Lawn (starting in Mar/Apr)
  4. Plant spring flowers and purchase new hanging baskets for the outdoor living space
  5. Exterior Washing of Home (starting in April)
    1. Power Soft Wash Home to clean dirt, grime and algae from the sides of the home
    2. Pressure wash the walks and drive to remove salt and debris left from the winter
  6. Aerate your lawn (April and September)
    1. This will allow more oxygen and water to penetrate the soil to provide better nutrients to your lawn during the season
  7. Lawn Maintenance (mowing, trimming, edging) (starting late Mar/early Apr)
    1. Begin cutting/mowing the lawn at the first sign of growth and maintain it weekly for best results
      1. Don’t wait too long for your first cut – as cutting too much off at one time can cause damage to your lawn. The general rule is to never cut more than 1/3 off the blades of grass at a time.

Sometimes, we don’t get to everything right away because our schedules get too hectic – but this is the goal. We get to it all when we get to it! Then, we spend the rest of the season maintaining and improving on it.

Of course, we provide the majority of these outdoor services to our clients – and our schedule fills very quickly in the spring. If you would like us to help you with any or all of these lawn and landscaping services, please submit a request early. We would love to take care of you!

Cheers to a Happy Spring! Trisha