Core Aeration in Fishers by A Classic Cut Lawn Care

Want your lawn to be healthier and greener? We recommend have your lawn aerated in the spring and fall each year. A Classic Cut‘s aeration services promote younger, stronger and healthier lawns.

Aeration decreases light thatch and creates openings in the soil so that water and oxygen can penetrate and nourish the roots of the lawn. You will see the difference it makes. Aeration also allows more of the seedlings to get down into the ground. In addition, fertilizer, weed control, will work better when able to penetrate the soil more easily. May is the ideal time to do spring aerations here in Indiana – therefore, we’ll schedule your service for late April – end of May. Fall aeration will be done in September.

*If your thatch is more than a 1/2″ thick, your lawn may also need dethatching. This should be done before aeration and overseeding. We have found that the thatch may be taken care of with the aeration alone. We no longer offer dethatching as a service, since the majority of our clients have only needed aeration.


For a thicker and fuller lawn, aeration coupled with overseeding in the late summer / fall is recommended.

Overseeding – spreading high quality turf tall fescue grass seed over newly aerated lawn. This is recommended at the same time as fall aeration for best results. We can overseed in the spring, too, but with the excessive summer heat, it seems to germinate and survive better when applied in the fall. In addition, if you seed in the spring, you won’t be able to put down crabgrass preventative down — therefore, you’ll likely have more weeds. Once the roots are established, they can better withstand the changes in temperatures – both hot and cold.

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Aeration & Overseeding Services
Available in the Spring & Fall!

Give your lawn the attention it deserves and get the benefit of a fuller, greener lawn!

What Should I Do AFTER my Lawn has Aeration &/or Seeding Service?

It’s important to keep your lawn moist for two weeks following the treatments. Water the lawn immediately after seeding is completed – and water a minimum of 30 minutes a week for two weeks.