Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Bed Maintenance

We now offer commercial and residential mulch bed maintenance as an addon to weekly lawn maintenance. This can be done one of two ways –

  • We can simply addon extra time each week to your regular mowing maintenance service and do a little each time we are there to help maintain your mulch beds by trimming/pulling weeds and maintaining the natural edging of your new mulch beds by trimming them vertically, rather than horizontally.
  • We can have a crew come once every 2 or 4 weeks to help maintain the beds and also the shrubs and perennials, as needed – like having your own gardener! All the above services and more — done as we see fit to help maintain your property. We can bill the same every time and work within your scheduled budget – and make recommendations for things that may go over the budgeted time when necessary.

commercial-bed-maintenance-noblesville-img_3709Bed Maintenance

Benefits of Bed Maintenance

  1. The most obvious one is — YOU can relax, stay cool and let us take the maintenance off your worry list!
  2. Curb Appeal — keeping weeds and shrubs under control on a regular basis makes everything look better and more appealing for your AND your neighbors!
  3. The weeds that typically start in your beds spread to your lawn – so this will also help your lawn!
  4. Catching and removing the saplings and accidental trees before they add unsightly oddities to your beds.