How to Get Rid of Voles or Moles

Have you seen trails of damage in your lawn? It’s most likely caused by voles.

We are asked on a regular basis for help with voles and moles that damage our clients’ lawns. We’ve recommended some things that we found in our own research. Some ideas worked – and some didn’t. A very good lawn maintenance client of ours in Noblesville, who had similar issues at his home, shared his success with us. I asked him if I could publish it — and he happily agreed 😉

“Last year, down by our burning bushes, we started noticing holes in the lawn and the trails where the voles ran around. I put a couple traps down with peanut butter and killed two of them, but I realized we were just going to get more.  

After I researched what to do about voles, we tried the Juicy Fruit method. That didn’t work.  Then, we tried mint oil, but that didn’t work either. I bought some mole repellent vibrating devices, and they did the trick. See link.

ELIOELIO Mole Repellent Solar…

How Does the Vole Repellent Solar Device Work?

These devices vibrate every 20 seconds. They are kind of annoying, but that’s the point.  I put a few in the mulch beds by the house and also some by the burning bushes.  After a few weeks, not only were the voles gone, but the rabbits and other critters stopped hanging around also. I ended up leaving them running all winter, as they are solar powered.

Cons of the Vole/Mole Repellent Solar Device

My wife got to a point where she got annoyed with them and wouldn’t let me turn them on this year, unless the voles come back.  With us having the golf course behind us, we will certainly get them again, as there is all sorts of wildlife that come up around our house at night.  We’ve had deer, coyotes, fox, rabbits, hawks, eagles, raccoons, ducks, etc.

I was talking with another guy about it, and he said he put mothballs in the vole holes and that worked for his yard.  I might try that also if they come back.  

I hope this helps others with the same issues or concerns!”

Jeremy Decker, Guest Author & Client of ACCLC