Grub Control Services

Do you have grubs? You won’t know you have grubs until it’s too late – so it’s best to go with preventative treatments. A Classic Cut now offers grub control services for your lawn via our trusted partner, Lawn Medic, who also handles our seasonal lawn treatment program.

Grub Control in Fishers, Indiana(Left) Grubs are the larvae of many types of beetles. These beetles lay their eggs in your lawn, and in the late summer/early fall, the newly hatched grubs begin feeding on the roots of your lawn.

Pictured below the grubs is what you’ll see in the fall if grubs have taken over the lawn by feeding on the roots of your grass for the summer… This can be prevented with proper grub treatments during the summer months.For Fishers Grub Damage - Call A Classic Cut

To schedule a preventative insecticide and protect your lawn against the damage grubs can cause, just call and leave a message for us or text us at 317-721-7669 and we’ll get an estimate to you! You may also complete the request for estimate form.

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Grub Control Services
Available in the Summer!

Protect your lawn before it's too late.