Looking to extend your living space by creating an outdoor oasis of your own? ACCLC offers the construction of Pergolas, Pavilions & more, in addition to all your landscaping needs – and estimates are FREE!

These outdoor structures offer the perfect balance of sun and shade to broaden your choice in hosting living activities outdoors. Whether it be a family gathering on the back porch or a romantic night under the stars, these structures are the perfect place to add some furniture, hang some lights and extend your home beyond the mere walls of your house.

Pergolas & Pavilions As An Extension of Your Home

patio pavilion by acclc

This patio pavilion in Fishers is charcoal by ACCLC is flush with the home creating an outdoor extension to additional living space.

Increasing the amount of time you spend outdoors, these landscape enhancements maximize space for relaxing, entertaining, and your personal enjoyment. Pavilions and pergolas contribute an aspect of beauty to your outdoor living space and optimize its use on a hot or rainy summer day. The addition of an outdoor living structure also helps to customize the visual appeal of your space to match that of your lifestyle. Their uniqueness and simplicity leave room for your own creative decorating and furnishing, resulting in the perfect space for you and your guests. The free-standing design element leaves the opportunity for hanging plants, lights, and flowy all-season fabrics to produce a fantastical and romantic getaway. Perhaps you might allow vines to grow up the vertical posts, creating a flowery and fragrant escape or border it with your own personal garden. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Pergolas & Pavilions Provide Shade

A Classic Cut Pergola

This 16 x 16 pergola in Fishers is stained in red cedar tone and has extra slats providing more shade and creating a more comfortable outdoor living space.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the structures themselves, pergolas and pavilions offer shade and a slightly safer place for outdoor furniture, providing windbreak and partial coverage from the sun’s beaming rays. The versatility of a these structures is enough to fill your backyard fantasy. They can be built as an addition to your patio, a stand-alone feature, or even as coverage for poolside or for a small garden or swing. They offer enough shelter to enjoy a nice day outside without providing too much coverage and taking away that natural sunlight we all crave. The placement and angling of your pergola or pavilion will determine how much sun, wind, and rain coverage you receive. These structures are not designed to protect you from the elements but rather to filter them for your maximum enjoyment.


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