Bury Downspouts – Drainage Pipes

downspout buried to pop-up

We take your downspout underground to a pop-up away from the house.

Gutters are there to protect your home from water. To work properly, they must be kept cleared out — and direct the incoming water away from the home. Water flushing out of them close to the home can also mess with your landscaping.

Are you sick of having your mulch and dirt get run out by the water from your downspouts? Or the unsightly drainage tubes attached to the bottom and just laying across your flower beds or sidewalk?

ACCLC can take care of having those downspout drainage pipes buried underground – even under the sidewalk so that the water can drain out away from the house without being seen. This not only helps with the mess but it also better for your home to have the water directed away and not settling too close and causing leaks into the house.


Just as important as clearing out your gutters once or twice a year, it’s crucial to make sure these drainage pipes are clear and clog-free, too. As you can see in the following pics, this drainage pipe was completely packed with dirt and mud – not allowing the water to drain from the gutters properly. We got it dug out and replaced so the water could flow out the way it should.

Don’t let this happen to you! Have your gutters and downspouts checked and cleared every spring and fall!

clogged drainage pipes

This drainage pipe is both broken and clogged.

broken drainage pipe

We had to dig it out and replace the pipe.

drainage pipe dug under sidewalk

Trench under sidewalk for drainage pipes