Poop Scoop (Dog Poop Clean-Up)

Our Pups - Annie, Jade & Royal

Annie, Jade & Royal

How would you like to have someone else do the ‘dirty dog duty-work’ for you? You know — cleaning up the messes your four-legged friends leave in your yard? No one likes stepping in it or smelling it — and it’s even worse when it gets smeared into the grass creating an aroma that makes you want to go back inside on a beautiful day.

We Offer Pooper Scooper Service for Our Lawn Maintenance Customers

A Classic Cut is offering Pooper Scooper Services as an optional add-on to weekly lawn maintenance. Rates start at just $15/week for one pup – and are determined by the number and sizes of your furry friends – as well as the size of lawn getting picked up.

Why pay another service to come out when we can just do it while we are already there – and right before we cut the grass? You’ll benefit by having us do the clean up BEFORE we mow — so you don’t have to worry about the mess getting spread out all over your nicely mowed yard. You’ll also save money by allowing ACCLC’s Pooper Scoopers to do it, too – because there won’t be the additional fuel costs of another service. Go from “Pee ew!” to “Whew!”