Lawn Fertilization, Weed & Grub Control

Is your lawn green, thick, full and all that you want it to be? We work with a certified agronomist to be sure that our lawns are being treated correctly. If your lawn needs some attention – and better yet, a diagnosis for proper treatment, like fertilization, weed & grub control, we’ve got you covered! We provide services to Fishers, Geist, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and northside Indianapolis residential and commercial customers.

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Fertilization & Weed Control Services

What a difference this program makes! Bring your lawn back to life - or make it greener and fuller than before!


We offer a comprehensive lawn treatment program, consisting of 6 treatments, that will give your lawn the attention it needs to thrive – specifically formulated for our Indiana lawns.

Lawn Maintenance / Treatment Program

Our treatment program starts in March with the 2nd applications starting April 1. Thereafter, each application is typically put down 4-6 weeks apart. We’ve often been asked about partial programs, but we discourage this with any program, as it’s necessary to have consistency for the best results. Our applications are formulated to work best for the turf for the climate and weather in our area. We include a a pre-emergent booster in our 3rd round for extra precaution, and we include grub control in our 5th application; whereas these are considered extras by other lawn treatment companies.

  • 1st Application
    Fertilizer to give roots a quick “pick-me-up” and boost development and spring greening.
  • 2nd Application
    Program Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventative, Nutrient Balanced Granular Fertilizer and Broadleaf Weed Control.
  • 3rd Application
    Boost to the Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventative, Nutrient Balanced Granular Fertilizer and Broadleaf Weed Control.
  • 4th Application

    Summer application of high, slow-release Fertilizer to keep lawn thick and growing through summer stresses. Also, Broadleaf Weed Control applied where needed.
  • 5th Application
    Program Insecticide to Prevent Grub Damage.
  • 6th Application
    Early fall Fertilizer to encourage root growth and plant vigor during fall recovery months. Broadleaf Weed Control applied where needed.

If you want a healthy and green lawn, trust it to a Certified Turfgrass Agronomist. Request a FREE Lawn Analysis below – and get the treatments for your lawn that it truly needs to flourish!