Weeds Everywhere!

So… the rain has been good and plentiful this year after all… and they said we were going to have a drought this summer! We’ve been very blessed with good rain – and green grass well into late August!

Close up of crabgrass -- A Classic Cut

Crabgrass Close Up

crabgrass infested lawns - A Classic Cut Lawn Care, Fishers

Crabgrass Infested Lawns

Even though it’s been keeping our lawns green, it’s been producing an exorbitant amount of annoying weeds… specifically crabgrass, clover and even fungus. We have had more complaints about weeds this year from current and prospective customers than ever before.

The best way to fend off weeds is to have thick healthy grass. We have been cutting our lawns on average 3.75-4″ high (as height directly correlates with the depth of the roots – and deep roots are heartier and healthier). We also encourage all our clients to sign up for a lawn treatment program, as well as aeration and overseeding. This will all help move your lawn to a healthier place 🙂 With that said, even with all these treatments already in place, some lawns have still struggled this year. (Just imagine how awful it would have been without treatment! Yikes!)

We also started offering weed spraying for fence lines, cracks in walks and drives – and regular pre-emergent applications for mulch and flower beds (usually pre-emergent will last up to 4-6 weeks, but with all the rain this year, it’s barely lasted 2!). We recommend consistent treatments for better protection of the fences from the trimmers – and improved overall appearance of walks, drives and beds. Let us know if you’d like a free estimate 🙂

Perimeter Pest Control - A Classic Cut Lawn Care , Fishers

Perimeter Pest Control

BUGS have been a nuisance, too — so Perimeter Pest Control, which is sprayed around the exterior of the home can surely help keep many creepy crawlers at bay!

For any or all of these services, please submit a request for a FREE ESTIMATE! We’d love to help!